The Newark Educational Foundation
Our Focus: Music and Science Education

The Newark Educational Foundation supports major initiatives and programs in Science and Music education in the Newark Unified School District. We facilitate donors and volunteers becoming involved in unique opportunities that make a difference in the educational experience of our students.
"If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician."
— A. Einstein

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are all taught in school. The challenge is how to make these subjects a lifelong passion instead of just another class. The NEF funds programs that make Science real, like dissecting an Owl pellet to learn about the food-chain or watching a rocket you built soar 1,000 feet into the sky. Unforgettable memories that form the foundation of a career.


For years, music programs have fallen into the crevices formed by budget cutbacks and shortfalls. This is especially true in our elementary schools. The NEF funds programs where students truly experience Music. The once common acts of a 1st grade class singing a song or 6th grader learning to play the clarinet are sadly rare. Our goal is to make creating and playing Music part of every student's life.