"Without music life would be a mistake."
— Friedrich Nietzsche
Arts Programs Supported by the NEF

For All
To support music education throughout the Newark Unified School District (NUSD), the NEF has created our Instrumental Music Equity Initiative. The benefits of music education are well documented to students of all grades, but the cost of participating in such programs can be out of reach for many economically disadvantaged families. One of the major costs of participating in a music program is the cost of the musical instrument itself. Many students who would benefit from music education are not able to participate because there are currently not enough functional musical instruments to go around within the NUSD. This program will acquire and repair as needed, musical instruments so they can be loaned to students whose families can not afford to purchase or rent musical instruments.

The Newark Memorial High School drama program is on the rise with great leadership and talented students. The high school theater is used by the local community and is a source of revenue for the district. Previously the NEF has provided funding when several rooms flooded at the high school and damaged many of the costumes and sets for an upcoming musical production by the Drama department. The "show went on" as students, teachers and volunteers worked tirelessly to replace missing costumes and rebuild the damaged sets in time for the production. The NEF is seeking your support in creating a program to provide funding on an ongoing basis to the drama program.

The Elementary Band Program enabled students to receive instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. The students met after school multiple times a week during the school year. The program provided students the opportunity to experience the joy of music while preparing them to join the award-winning Newark Junior High School band program. The NUSD has recently started an after--school program and music instruction is expected to be a part of this program in the future. The NEF will support this new program when it is offered by the school district.

The NEF raised over $50,000 in support of the Elementary School Band program